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What are TBRI camps? 

TBRI is a trust-based social-emotional approach to connecting families based off the Karyn Purvis Institute of Child Development. Staff and volunteers at Foundation For Hope Camps are trained under this model as Practitioners, Caregivers, or both! 

The TBRI model emphasizes the integration of the following intervention principles:

  • Empowering (felt safety, safe touch, nutrition, hydration, sensory processing and self-regulation)

  • Connecting (attachment, engagement strategies and playful interaction)

  • Correcting (life value terms and IDEAL response)

Foundation For Hope is a collaborative project between Foundation for Youth of Bartholomew County, Johnson County Court Services, HopeAlight, and the Department of Child Services Region 14. Two Daylong camps are provided to families in need FREE OF CHARGE.

The heartbeat of TBRI is CONNECTION.

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Agency Referrals
and Registration

If you are a Youth/Family Service agency that would like to refer a family for Foundation For Hope then you can find downloadable and online applications here. Please take the time to complete these applications with your families. 



Working with children can be challenging but rewarding work.  We hope that while you are giving your time and emotional energy, you will also receive the satisfaction of knowing you have made a difference in the lives of the families you work with. 



Families that are currently in the process of applying for camp can find online resources here. If you have been accepted to one of our sessions you will be given login information needed to access these resources. 

Reach out to us! 

Andrew Young, Associate Executive Director Foundation For Youth

Lori Meyers, Johnson County Juvenile Justice

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