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Foundation For Youth’s volunteers are a diverse group of people from all backgrounds and places. Without your support, our programming would not be possible. Our volunteers are not just an extension to our staff but the heart and soul of our programs.

One Person can help fulfill a dream for a brighter tomorrow.
One Opportunity can make a lasting difference in the life of a child.
One Hour of your time helps ensure Foundation for Youth's programs are accessible to all children in our community.

Your support enables us to provide:

  • A Safe Environment for children to Work, Play and Grow

  • Life-Enhancing Programs designed to educate and provide skills to succeed in life.

  • Relationships with Caring, Trained Adults who are responsive to a child's daily realities.


Click on which program you would like to volunteer for more information:

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Contact us at:

(812) 348-4558 Ext. 302

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