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How It Started

The Foundation For Youth has been one of this community's most outstanding accomplishments - recognized as such the nation over.  We salute those forward-looking people who shared this dream and brought it to reality with intelligence, hard-work and open-handed generosity in terms of financial support and endless donations of time and talent. 

The FFY stands today as a living memorial to what a small community can do on its own to ensure the well-being of its citizens. 

The Foundation For Youth was incorporated May 12, 1928, and since its inception has served:

The Boys Club, The Boy Scouts, Campfire Girls, The Girl Scout, The Girls Club, Columbus Youth Camp, Jive Kennel, Teen Court and Big Brothers Big Sisters. 

Foundation For Youth's Boys and Girls Club has impacted thousands of lives throughout the past several decades. We continue to increase membership size, enhance facilities and improve programming. The Club serves as a staple in our community, providing a special place available to all youth. 

The Columbus' Boys & Girls Club not only enriches the lives of members, but deeply impacts staff members and volunteers as well. Youth keep getting better and brighter, the staff continues to amaze and volunteers go on growing and stepping up to the challenge. 

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