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Volunteers and Staff

Finding Inspiration in Every Family

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What is TBRI? 

For someone who is brand new to TBRI, this is the perfect place to start. This short video (just over 3 minutes!) gives a broad overview of how trauma affects the brain and alters the ability for children to learn and develop in optimal ways.

Benefits of Volunteering for TBRI Camp
Foundation For Hope

Caregiver Training

Through this training experience, community members and volunteer staff will learn about the Connecting, Empowering, and Correcting Principles of TBRI®. This is a full 2-day training (12 hour) provided by our partners at HopeAlight. While this is an important introduction into TBRI it is not necessary for all roles. 

Professional Connection

Many of our Volunteer Staff are community members who have gone through the full TBRI Practitioner Training at the Karyn Purvis Institute for Child Development. Through this conectiion to a community-wide TBRI effort, you may gain a better understanding, or even invited to other TBRI Camps around the country. 

Hands on Experience with TBRI

In the weeks preceding Foundation For Hope Camp you will receive training on your specific role at camp. Your role is assigned with your needs and experience taken into consideration. Much like they youth in our care, we want to meet the needs of our staff as well. You will have the opportunity to engage and practice your skills.

Join a Movement

TBRI represents a positive cultural shift in how we engage and care for youth. This change is taking root in schools, juvenile justice, and other youth-serving organizations. The more you are able to develop your skills, the more you can elicit dramatic cultural change in your own professional or family environment. 

Staff & Volunteer Roles

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