“We believe that children, if reached early enough, can develop strong, positive attitudes towards police officers in their journey through life.”

The mission of The Columbus Youth Police Activities League, Incorporated (a.k.a. PAAL) is to be solely a charitable and educational organization in order to develop, provide and coordinate quality sports programs and activities that contribute to the development of character, integrity, physical and mental fitness, citizenship, sportsmanship and personal well-being of the participants. To accomplish this mission, PAAL shall encourage participation, regardless of abilities and economic standing, through a friendly and cooperative relationship among the youthful participants, family, coaches, officials, mentors, and law enforcement officers.

PAAL core values:

  1. Fun for all
  2. Education for all
  3. Ethics for all
  4. Accessible to all

If you would like more information about registration dates or scholarship opportunities, call front desk at 812-372-7867 Mon-Fri 9am-6pm and Sat. 9am-1pm. Scholarship discount NOT available online.


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